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Romanian semi‐presidentialism in historical context

In this paper I do not intend to give a full and systematic account of how Romanian semi‐presidentialism is constitutionally regulated and politically functions. I’d rather focus on a particular explanatory context which would help to better understand\r\nhow Romania made a choice for semi‐presidentialism back in 1991, how the institutional coordinates of the semi‐presidential system have been settled in the Romanian Constitution of 1991, the way it functions and the desirable directions the constitutional amendment should follow. My central idea is that the consistent appetite for authoritarianism coming from the past partially justified the option for semi‐presidentialism back in 1991, underpinned the strong tendency towards personalization of power and presidentialization of the system of government and could still be a strong argument against perpetuation of semi‐presidentialism in the future to be amended Romanian constitution.