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La nation assiégée : le constitutionnalisme ethnocentriste roumain et la migration contemporaine (une analyse historique de l’article 3 alinéa 4 de la Constitution roumaine)

The article proposes a scientific analysis of Article 3 para.4 of the Romanian Constitution of 991, with a view to establish to what extent this text could be used as a Romanian constitutional argument against the acceptance and implementation of the European plan of redistribution of refugees to the member states of the European Union. Starting from the premise that Article 3 para. 4 of the Constitution is not a mere constitutional decoration, our analysis tries to prove, by using a historical and teleological interpretation, that, in certain circumstances, the said article could become an obstacle against the displacement of foreign populations on the Romanian territory but, at the same time, that it cannot be applied in the case of the redistribution of Muslim refugees from the Middle East.